Monday, June 14, 2010


EmotiFruit is a kind of simple algorithmic music generator, with an interface inspired by that of a fruit machine. The user "pulls" the "arm" and the four faces scramble, eventually settling on new expressions. The user can then "nudge" the faces up to 4 times. When the arrangement of faces has been settled, pressing the "transport" button will play the new composition, based on the arrangement of emoticons.

The possible expressions are representations of the following states: happy, laugh, wink, kiss, frown, cry, evil, angry, rasp, wow and hmmm. For each state, there is a sequence of notes, a synthesis patch and an effects patch. The expression in the first slot determines the note sequence that will be played, the second decides the sound that will be used, which always has a modulating element. The third face selects the modulating sequence of notes, and finally the fourth emoticon decides the effect that the sound will be played through.

EmotiFruit for OS X 10.4.11 and above can be downloaded here.


  1. 14641 tunes? Sounds nice... I think in this like a smiling Triadex Muse.